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Do something that matters,
for people who care.
- Seth Godin

A strong foundation

If you're new to employer brand or are looking for foundational materials to make sure your future work works, start with Talent Chooses You. After that,  All books are available worldwide on Amazon.

📕 Talent Chooses You (2020)
📕 Employer Brand Handbook: Working with Recruiters (2020)
📕 Employer Branding for Small Business (2023)
📕 18 Laws of Employer Branding (2024)

Employer Brand Buyer's Guide

Pick the right partner

Employer branding is a relatively new function, so it might feel like you're flying blind when picking the right partner. This ebook lists 16 agencies, consultants and practitioners in the US employer branding space so you can make sure you're talking to the ones who best fit your needs.

No employer brander is right for all clients. So not every employer brand partner is right for you.​ ​Choose wisely.

🗺️ Download the guide at EVPBuyersGuide.com

Employer brand buyer's guide

Structured learning

Video courses designed to help recruiters, branders, marketers, and comms pros level up their employer branding skills.

💡 Employer Branding for Recruiters (1.5 hours on Udemy)
💡 Employer Branding for Small Business (3.5 hours on Udemy)
💡 Selling an EB Project to Your Boss (1 hour, free)
💡 Soon: Better Social Media for Employer Branding (1 hour, free)
💡 Soon: Building a Strategy from Scratch (1 hour, free)
💡 Biotech Recruiting (5-email series, free)

Employer brand classes on udemy
Strategy is an alternative
to effort.
- Alex M H Smith

Video grew the employer brand star

Employer brand breakdown of Oatly

Employer Brand Breakdown

Employer branding often feels abstract and disconnected from day-to-day recruiting. So every week, e break down one brand from the outside (because that's how candidates see it) to reveal what works and what could be better.

📽️ Breaking down Oatly
📽️ Check out the entire playlist

Video: EVPs don't work?

EVP's Don't Work?

In the 30+ years since employer branding was conceived, a lot of dogma and baggage has been attached to it, and rarely for the better. This video looks at "inspirational" brands to reveal what really matters in attracting great talent.

📽️ Watch the video
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Employer Brand Minute

40+ short videos about various aspects of employer branding, from the real-world work, to conceptualization to getting an EB job, this is a quick-hit series of ideas to help you become more effective.

📽️ Watch "Don Draper Lied to Us"
📽️ Check out the entire playlist

Whoever tells the best stories goes home with the most marbles.
- Jeremy Waite

The easiest way to level up?

The Definition of Insanity (2024)

Nothing changes until we change it. That's the only way to make meaningful (and obvious) advances in hiring. This podcast includes interviews with some of the smartest thinkers and doers inside and outside the TA space to help you reinvent your own recruiting. ‍

The Talent Cast banner

The Talent Cast (2016-2022)

220+ episodes covering a wide variety of recruiting and employer brand-focused topics, from cognitive bias to strategy to making your brand "stick." This was primarily a monologue show with infrequent guests.  Season 2 was the audiobook of Talent Chooses You. ‍

The brand plan podcast banner

The Brand Plan (2023)

Marcus Body (of ThirtyThree) and I go deep into the philosophy and mechanics of modern employer branding. 11 episodes that will change how you see hiring.‍

employer brand podcast playlist

The Guest List

Various appearances on dozens of talent acquisition and marketing podcasts.

Find out who you are
and do it on purpose.
- Dolly Parton.

Deep dives

A collection of impactful ebooks to help you influence leadership and do more with less (which is something your leadership will love).

🔥 NEW: Better ChatGPT Prompts for Employer Branding 🔥
🛰️ Proof that Employer Branding Works
📡 How to Go From Zero to Pipeline
🛰️ 105 Free (and really cheap) Activation Hacks
📡 The CMO's Guide to Employer Branding
🛰️ The TA Leader's Guide to Employer Branding
📡 Books and Podcasts for Employer Branders

No one is "just a hire." They are the future of the company.

The Change Agent

The Change Agent is the newsletter for talent acquisition leaders, recruiters, sourcers, and employer branders who are ready to rip up the old rules of "how you're supposed to hire" in favor of new ideas, strategies, and approaches to achieve more.

From employer branding, AI, recruiting tools, and techniques, The Change Agent leaves no stone unturned to uncover ways to make your recruiting and hiring more effective and more valuable.

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If you aren’t different,
you have no identity.
You’re just a commodity.
- Dave Trott
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